Sunday, 24 August 2014

A Lotta Latte- Or Not A Lotta Latte...

Close your eyes...go it.

Now inhale the wonderful aroma through your nostrils.

The wonderful smell of coffee reaches up and grabs hold of those senses, preparing your whole body for a wonderfully dreamily, creamily caffeine kick.

You put the rim of the cup to your mouth, preparing your taste buds for a hot, velvety, thick, rich tasting glug of coffee.

..."what in the world is this rubbish?" Declared my mother in a rather disgusted tone.

She rapidly wiped her mouth with the napkin.

"I asked for a latte, not a cup of froth!"

She used the spoon to search out her liquid before working herself up into a frothy lather.

I looked into her cup.

I understood completely.

In a well known department store in our home city of Sunderland, it seems quite adequate to serve a latte with less than a half of the cup filled with coffee (black) and over half of the cup filled with froth.

No, not milk...froth.

Yet, the price of this rip off was decidedly more expensive than a (full) cup of coffee with UHT milk provided.

My mother was more than insensed.

Having thought about this, I remember experiencing something similar somewhere else....sometime.

Is a latte really a translation of 'a cup of froth with a bit of a dreg of coffee in the bottom' (but we'll charge you more for it because it's got a Mediterranean name)?

Does this happen anywhere else in the country? Or are they playing on the gentle temperaments of us up north, figuring we'll accept any rotten crap that's flung our way? Watch out...I think we've had enough now. (And we know without tasting it if you've spat in it!)