Sunday, 31 August 2014

My Ice Bucket Challenge

Yup, you read it right...

I got nominated.

So, instead of dashing off for my chequebook and pen, I decided that as I had just returned from the swimming pool, (with damp swimming pool hair) I would take the bull by the horns (or ice from the freezer) and get down to business.

More and more people were downloading their videos of the Ice Bucket Challenge and I was feeling more and more smug that I was getting away with it, until I happened to look at one of my social media feeds and saw my name, in all it's glory, stating my nomination.

So, #1 rascal was supposed to pour the bowl over my head, but it was too heavy, so I had to pour the icy deluge over myself (as my other half was filming for proof)- it's even worse when you have to do it yourself!...and you're on holiday.

Anyway, if you want a you go...