Sunday, 28 September 2014

Hey 'Drivers'' Chill Your Bones! #1

My oh my! What can I say?! You drivers are so irritating I can actually fill my blog with my irritations....and so I'm starting...

Yesterday I was city driving, locally. I was driving a road that I have driven many, many times.
The road in question has four hear that four...4...yep?

So, I was driving in the far right hand lane, due to pull into a car park, situated on the right. Cars were parked in a line directly on my right.

I was indicating and slowing accordingly, following another car who drove straight on. As I slowed to turn into said car park, I slowed to a stop, as a taxi had pulled in there...and stopped. Therefore, I had to wait until the taxi had moved....right?


Now, the car directly behind me decided that that was the wrong move. She honked her horn loud and long, having to haul her little silver car into the left lane and drive the length of my car around me.
The car behind her decided that that a good idea, and honked his horn, copying the upset female.

I wonder what the hell they wanted me to do...I had three options, obviously, according to them...

1. Drive the car around the one way system for another twenty minutes, simply so as not to put them out of their way of having to swap a lane to drive around me

2. Simply ram the damn taxi (and passengers) completely out of the way of the car parking entrance so that I could drive on in there.

3. Reverse, hitting the car behind me and go find another car park completely out of my way.

I will give them the benefit of the doubt. I will assume that the impatient woman was in labour, and was en route to hospital, and I will assume that the eejit behind her was the father of said baby, desperate not to miss the birth of his first child.

Anything else simply doesn't interest me. Get a grip drivers, it takes energy to raise your finger to press a button that makes your car give a little yelp, and quite frankly, I'll give you a little wave next time, as usually those who beep at me are my pals saying 'hello!'

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