Sunday, 5 October 2014

Dear Drivers'/ Pedestrians'

Dear impatient car driver/ pedestrians

I am smiling because you have no idea of the day I have had, I am smiling because you are simply ignorant and I am smiling because it's what I do best.

After a sleepless night, with all three of my children, you, yes, the male in the blue car, you thought that I should have driven onto the roundabout tailgating the white Range Rover that I was following. This would have caused me to drive into the path of a bus who was driving at speed to make up for lost time. I had two children in my car and their lives mean much, much more to me than you being late for work. And yes, I saw the obscenities that you were spitting all over your windscreen and I saw the obscene gesture you used. I do hope that you cleaned you window, in the name of hygiene. And frankly, driving the way you did, it would amaze me if you arrived at work with your car in one piece. I would strongly recommend anger management class and perhaps a course in time keeping.

After a meeting regarding children with severe medical needs, I joined a traffic jam, and whilst waiting, I turned on my favourite chill out tunes. Sitting back in my seat, I noticed you. Yes, you, the male in the black car. I watched you waving your arms around and smiled to myself. You had a problem that I hadn't pulled up to the car in front of me close enough for your liking. I had left a massive three foot gap. You needed me to be closer. I recounted the meeting that I had been in, the parents who I had chatted to, who's children were dire need of medical intervention. You manoeuvred your car so that you were next to me, using your hands to show me how much room I had left between my car and the car infront. Thanks, although, I really was fully aware. You used obscene gestures, then shouted profanities at me through your open window. My window was closed. I chose to smile with sympathy at you son in the back seat, who looked to be about 6 years old. He was learning a lot from you. You drove on. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me. They weren't needed.

In post match gridlock, my youngest child was being sick in the back of the car. Having a bad chest infection and generally unwell, my child was very distressed. Thank you to those football supporters who felt that two of three driving lanes cordoned off for those who were walking wasn't enough. To those fans who walked in front of my car, banging on the bonnet and forcing me to stop, my autistic child and my child who was ill really didn't appreciate it and nor did I. To the old lady, who really should have had more sense, I am appalled by your behaviour. It would be safe to assume that you would be the first to complain about 'youths these days', I hope you're ashamed of yourself. Thanks all of you for frightening my children beyond comprehension, and causing me to spend the night reassuring them that you were never coming back.

Thank you to the drivers/pedestrians who caused me to leave the car at home and walk to the shop with my little child in the pushchair and my older child toddling beside me. This caused a different issue.

Thank you to the drivers who park partly on the path. Why do you do it? So that other cars have room to get past? Well, what about those in wheelchairs or parents with pushchairs? I had two options. 1) walk in the road, with my children or 2) walk on people's gardens. On this instance, I walked on the road. Hurrying my child along as we skirted around the freshly washed red shiny car, worrying that those impatient drivers that I had encountered through the day would come barrelling down the road, blasting their horns and using obscene gestures telling me what they thought of me, yelling at me to get on the path, which was taken up with a car.

What on earth has society come to? Do we have no decency at all anymore? The only drivers that I complain about are those who are in too much of a damned hurry to consider any matters of safety. For those who feel the need to have a go? You'll receive a lovely smile and a kiss blown from me.

You all need to give yourself more time and space to live your lives. If you need any pointers, drop me a line.....

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