Sunday, 12 October 2014

The Black Sock

It's a funny thing when you do the washing isn't it! (Laundry for my American readers!)

It's the socks.

They cause no end of trouble, regardless as to whether they are in pairs or on their own.

They are worse than kids!

Walking past my washing machine, whilst my whites were in and during the spin cycle.

I saw it...


It stuck to the glass of the washing machine, doing backflips and sticking it's tongue out at me. It knew I could do nothing about it. The damage had been done. My head fell into my hands. How did that happen?!

I had religiously sorted each white item into a pile, and into the washer they went.

Yet there, laughing at me through the window of the machine was the black sock.

Here are five things to remember while washing:

1) The black sock will ALWAYS find a way into your whites.

2) The black sock will always manage to stick itself to the glass so that it's in birds eye view.

3) The sock will always be single.

4) You will vow to ban black socks from your home.

5)  Grey will become a colour of choice in your questions asked.