Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Loops...just loops

So, dressing as an adult should be run of the mill...yeah?
well, see, that's what I thought, and it really has been for many, many years. Until yesterday.
Yesterday I had a very early start and I was extremely prepared by sorting my morning clothes so that I could get ready without disturbing the household too much.
When the dreaded alarm went off, I tiptoed into the bathroom with my attire and began climbing into my daywear. Only to find my arm getting stuck.
What the.....?
I attempted the jumper again, I mean, really, how hard should this be?
No, the arm was stuck. Now, I'm no size 0 or 2...or 4........or 6 for that matter, but moving swiftly on, this top was well within my sizing and it was impossible that my two glasses of vino the previous night could have done this much weight damage, but there really was no give.
At the end of my tether, I switched the light on, and found the culprit.
Those thin, little straps. So thoughtfully attached by the makers of the top were hanging their heads in shame as I discovered them. Little satiny loops. I believe they are supposed to keep the top on the hanger. However, for me they were keeping my arms out of my jumper.
Anyway, after cutting them off and seeing them slither into the bin in embarrassment, I opened the bathroom door to find my whole household wondering what on earth the trouble was in the bathroom at such an ungodly hour...
ever tried getting toddlers back to sleep at 4.30am?
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