Monday, 8 June 2015

Good morning Monday! I guess I seem to have been off the radar for a little while haven't I!

Well I'm pleased to say it's actually for a good reason... I am now writing, as a blogger for The Huffington Post UK.

I am, I must admit, having an extremely proud of me moment, but, I thought that instead of letting you wonder where in the world I was, I would share my links and new contact with you! So here we go:

This is my author page:

All of my published articles will be listed on my author page

I now also have a brand new Facebook page to like, where I will be sharing my published articles from The Huffington post UK, and, along with other interesting things that I find along the way! So, here's my new Facebook page:

And of course, I'm still on my old twitter stomping ground:


So, come along and join the ride!